About Us

Ultra Pet Supplies is a family-owned business. We provide natural health dog food and dry dog food in NZ. We breed and work dogs and started Ultra Pet Supplies so we could supply New Zealand dog owners with a high - quality best premium dog food, natural health dog food and dry dog food at an affordable price.

We breed the beautiful Alaskan Malamate dogs. This large breed of domestic dogs was originally bred to haul heavy loads because of their strength and endurance.

Our dogs regularly take part in sled racing. They have also appeared on the television series Xena Warrior Princess and featured in the Manurewa Christmas Parade, pulling Santa’s sleigh – where they attracted even more attention than the old man himself.

Needless to say, we love dogs, all dogs. That’s why we want your dog to have the best natural dog food available, so they can stay in the best possible condition.

All our dog food is all natural, sourced from raw materials, from the human food chain whenever possible. They’re GE free, have no artificial colouring or flavouring, and are produced using the extrusion method, to keep them fresh. With Ultimate Feeds you get exactly what you expect – we never substitute due to lack of availability or because of pricing.

We know that, like us, you want you dog to have the best – that’s why we have made Ultra Pet Supplies available to New Zealand dog owners.